The Gift of Seeds

The Gift of Seeds

In light of the darkness blanketing the world this past week, in Europe, the US, and elsewhere, I want to share a blog post about some of the things in life that make it worth living.

So here's to summer - green everywhere, blue breezes, bright flowers, the sure feeling of my feet beneath my legs, and to the calm and peace of the natural world. These aren't just images of what is pretty. They are reminders to cling to those things that are lovely, honest, and true when the world seems especially tough and gloomy. Said the poet Rilke:

“If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable.”

pink gladiolus

glads, glads, glads

Nearly every morning during the summer I had the same routine. I would wake up, shower, cuddle the dog, get dressed, feed the dog and pour my coffee, and head out to the backyard. She and I would spend a half an hour or so together, checking on flowers, watering the garden, and enjoying the glow of the morning. Those kinds of moments are what is precious in life. 

gladiolus on the run


gladiolus seed pods from green stalks after flower blooms, set to dry over the winter

from left to right, yellow coreopsis, red beebalm, double scoop cranberry echinacea, daisies, more double scoop cranberry echinacea, dahlias, spider mum without blooms 

red beebalm

tuberous begonia

Prince Ferdinand

morning glory seed pods

Only my husband can vouch for how happy I was the day I realized my morning glories had started the annual activity of producing seeds.

Hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of seeds came off these vines. For me, it meant the promise of another perfect summer to come. 

dried morning glory seed pod unopened

morning glory seed pod open

morning glory seed pod open

hundreds of morning glory seeds

These seeds are as good to me as a million dollars. Just think of what they can do! 

Grandpa Ott's morning glories

marigold seeds from a single dried flower pod (holy reproducer!)

bumblebee on marigold

Why do we keep gardens, spend money on our water bills to make sure the flowers don't fade, and give our sweat over to the dirt? I asked myself these questions a lot this summer, and I only came up with one answer.

There is something infinite about things that grow and I want to have a part in that cycle. To plant, to grow, to be cut down, and grow again. 

For more images and video of our garden this past summer, check out the Instagram hashtag #brownbeargarden2015 - linked here

If you want to see something even funnier, see this collection. My enthusiasm for summer is limitless. 

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